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Категория: Usp
Просмотров: 1199
Загрузок: 188
Размер файла: 5.13 мб
Добавил: Admin
Дата добавления: 04.08.2011, в 16:03
Рейтинг: 5.0/3
Теги: USP.45
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Cba to make CS:S screenshots so I only used the renders. Hope the videos are enough, don't disapprove it because of that.

Here's some new animations I made a long time ago out of boredom. Only decided to post them here now since my previous USP really sucked, and I never posted these here since uploading didn't work until now. It has no world models since it's basically an USP replacing an USP, won't make a difference. That and world models are useless. I got the reload's concept and idea from James' animations. Includes Lam and No Lam versions, and Black or Silver Slide. Default is Black Slide with Lam. I used the same QC lines as the default USP so it should work online with no problems. Enjoy.

The files in this package are copyright of the respective owners, you may not modify this package, or any of the files within this package, without the explicit permission of the creators. Authors have the authority to remove the files from any hosting at once.

This release doesn't have world models or buy menu pics, please try to live with it. Might update it with some when I have the time to make some.

Credits and installation instructions and stuff are in the readme. Please tell me about any errors you find before disapproving or rating it down because of an error. Please don't mention any of the errors in the notes.
Особенности: Файл с видео обзором, Модель в HD качестве

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